The Annual NYSWRC Seminar

2017 Conference: Binghamton November 10-12, 2017

Holiday Inn: 2 Hawley St, Binghamton, NY 13901

Culminating its year-long efforts to support the rehabilitator in the field, NYSWRC sponsors an Annual Wildlife Rehabilitation Seminar, a dynamic, weekend-long educational event designed to help the beginning and advanced rehabilitator, and interested veterinarian.

With in-depth programs staged by Wildlife Rehabilitation experts from throughout the US and abroad, typical subject areas include:

  • Nutrition/Husbandry
  • Diseases
  • Medical Management/Medications
  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Basic Workshops/WetLabs

Hosted by rehabilitators, for rehabilitators, the weekend offers participants the unique opportunity to communicate their interests, share experiences, and voice concerns.

The NYSWRC Seminar provides an opportunity to take the Department of Environmental Conservation RVS (rabies vector species) Course required for individuals to rehabilitate raccoons, bats and skunks.

Speaker Topics, Just Announced!!!

*You may go in and out of lectures as you please however labs and all-day workshops require pre-registration with limited availability, so sign up ASAP.  Days/ times/ titles and topics listed below are subject to change.


Animal Basic Care Workshop (8:30-5:30)

Rabies Vector Species Certification (8:00-5:00)

Capture & Transport Workshop (9:00-5:30)- Peggy Hentz

Pediatric Avian Critical Care Lab (9:00 – 12:00)- Dr. Erica Miller, Dr. Michele Goodman                                                            

              Concurrent Lectures  

Turtle Euthanasia –  Dr. Renee Schott

Rehabilitation of White Tailed Deer – Cindy Page

Herp Nutrition – Harriet Forrester

Triaging the Reptile Patient – Dr. Jeff Baier

Bear Rehab – Tracy Leaver

Dealing with Feather Problems – Dr. Renee Schott

Reptile Case Studies – Dr. Jeff Baier, Harriet Forrester

Herp Neurology-TBD

Antimicrobial Therapy – Dr. Julia Whittington;

Avian Ophthalmology – Dr. Erica Miller

Rehab Log & Reporting Changes – Nick Hollingshead

Smarty Pants Trivia – Peggy Hentz & Kathy Uhler

6:00pm Cocktails and Conversations


Keynote Speaker: Compassion Fatigue – Patricia Smith

Fluid Therapy Lecture-TBD

Medical Triage and First Aid for Wildlife – Dr. Julia Whittington

Peregrine Falcon Rehab – Peggy Hentz

Wading Birds – Dr. Erica Miller

Bumblefoot – Dr.Jeff Baier

Adult Neurologic Eastern Gray Squirrel – Dr. Renee Schott,

Adult Neurological Eastern Cottontail- Dr. Renee Schott

Squirrel Care – Barbara Bellons-Picon

Micro-Rehab, Bat Special Session – Jen Marchigiani

Saturday Cont.

Advanced Turtle Workshop* – Harriet Forrester, Dr. La’Toya Latney

Wound Management Lecture – Dr. Julia Whittington

Opossum Care – Dr. Karen Dashfield

American Kestrels – Dr. Jeff Baier

Basic Waterfowl Rehab – Dr. Michele Goodman

How to Get Waterfowl to Eat – Dr. Michele Goodman

Porcupines – Kathy Uhler

Medicine & Surgery in the Porcupine – Dr. Sara Child-Sanford

Cornell Wildlife Health Case Studies – Dr. Cindy Hopf

Coyote Rehab – Peggy Hentz

Disease Control in Rehab Setting – Dr. Karen Dashfield

Rodenticides – Dr. Cindy Hopf

Common Problems in Raptors; Release Assessment – Dr. Jeff Baier

Otters – Dr. Noha Abou-Madi

Juggling the Tightrope – Peggy Hentz

Compassion Fatigue – Patricia Smith

Lab 1:00 – 3:00 Fluid Therapy*-TBD

Lab 3:30 – 5:30 Wound Management*– Dr. Julia Whittington, Dr. Erica Miller



Mange – Tracy Leaver

Orphan Squirrel Care – Lea Peshock

Red and Gray Fox Rehab – Tracy Leaver

Fawn Care – Dr. Karen Dashfield

Skunk Rehabilitation – Laurel Beechey

Raccoon Rehabilitation – Jen Marchigiani

Emergency Preparedness for Wildlife Rehabilitators – Kathy Uhler

Public Speaking – Peggy Hentz

Sunday ALL DAY  Vets and Vet Tech  Seminar

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