The Annual NYSWRC Seminar

We are so pleased to announce that our 2020 (and 40th annual!) conference will be online! COVID-19 has changed our plans, and we are sorry we won’t get to see you in person, but we are grateful that we have found another way to share educational and network resources for our membership. Please follow us on Facebook or Instagram for up-to-date announcements and requests for feedback!

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This year’s conference was originally scheduled for Binghamton NY, November 13-15 2020. In the meantime, we are leaving the 2019 information posted so you can get an idea of programming and costs to expect! We hope we can defer this plan to 2021 for our 41st conference.

Culminating its year-long efforts to support the rehabilitator in the field, NYSWRC sponsors an Annual Wildlife Rehabilitation Seminar: a dynamic, weekend-long educational event designed to help everyone from the beginning to the advanced rehabilitator, as well as interested veterinarians.

With in-depth programs staged by Wildlife Rehabilitation experts from throughout the US and abroad, typical subject areas include:

  • Nutrition/Husbandry
  • Diseases
  • Medical Management/Medications
  • Rehabilitation Techniques
  • Basic Workshops/WetLabs

The weekend offers participants the unique opportunity to communicate their interests, share experiences, and voice concerns.

The NYSWRC Seminar also provides an opportunity to take the Department of Environmental Conservation RVS (rabies vector species) course, required for individuals to rehabilitate raccoons, bats and skunks in NY.

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