The New York State Wildlife Rehabilitation Council, Inc (NYSWRC pronounced “Nice Work!”) is a not-for-profit statewide organization that has been in existence for 39 years. The primary goal of our membership-based organization is to promote professionalism in the field of wildlife rehabilitation and to provide wildlife rehabilitators with educational and technical support.
NYSWRC encourages a strong network within New York and across the country. Our board consists of volunteer wildlife rehabilitators from across the state who meet bi-monthly to keep abreast of current issues and to continue work on educational projects. The Council has grown significantly in both strength and numbers over the years. New York has the oldest statewide organization in the United States and has gained national recognition for its many accomplishments.

About Us

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Our Mission

The Council is dedicated to the advancement of wildlife rehabilitation by

  • promoting the professionalism of licensed wildlife rehabilitators
  • giving rehabilitators the field support they deserve and the educational services they need to appropriately care for distressed wildlife
  • providing wildlife rehabilitators with timely access to the latest technical information through a system of network support
  • working with governmental agencies to formulate better than adequate regulations concerning wildlife

  • disseminating educational material and information to NY state residents about distressed wildlife

  • and continually promoting the conservation of wildlife, their habitats, and other natural resources
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Members consist of licensed wildlife rehabilitators and assistants, veterinarians, wildlife professionals, and other interested lay persons. We welcome your interest and participation! Learn More.

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Hosted by rehabilitators, for rehabilitators, the weekend offers participants the unique opportunity to communicate their interests, share experiences, and voice concerns.
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